A note from the Taurus family: Lest We Forget

I have just finished pasting a cardboard backing on the back of my newspaper cut out of the Australian Flag.  On Anzac Day, Saturday, 25th April, I will post it on my home front window or maybe on my beautiful hedge (I am a corner plot) to mark my respect and pay tribute to our war heroes. 

It is a small gesture, but with family in the military and ancestors not to far back (2 x Great Uncles) lost in war, it will be my way of honouring our Diggers, who with their sacrifices carved out our prosperous future in this great country Australia – the lucky country I now call home.  

It is disappointing we can’t celebrate Anzac Day as we have done so over the years, but we understand the reasons why and the great necessity to protect our living and susceptible war heroes as we grapple with a world-wide health and economic pandemic. This is the stuff nightmares could be made of.  

That mateship which symbolised our Diggers in the toughest of times is shining even brighter today as a new breed of heroes step into their shoes, fighting on a front line to give us hope that life will return to some normality soon as we had come to know it previously. 

While I display the Australian Flag on my front door, my adult children may choose to bake Anzac biscuits, as they too reflect on the wonderful deeds, remembering our fallen and celebrating our war heroes of each generation. 

The great wars, just like the current pandemic, remind us that we can, at any moment, be thrown out of our comfort zone. For myself, the following words in a recent article sum up the situation.  Lest we forget.  

“Yet in all the doom and gloom, particularly as the fiscal fallout reaches Great Depression type levels, we must never lose sight of what ultimately makes us tick as Aussies – our resilience and mateship in the toughest of times, we’ve always stuck together. 

We must stick together like we’ve never done before. If we can get back to appreciating the little things we take for granted, bigger things will follow.” 



Sharon Williams 

Founder, CEO Taurus Group 

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