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5 Qualities Of A Taurus Zodiac To Add To Your Professional Personal Brand

The stars aligned and Taurus season was in full swing.

The Zodiac sign falls between April 20 and May 20 and includes all family, friends and colleagues who you know take a no-bull approach to life and work.

Our founder and CEO Sharon Williams is a fellow Taurean, that’s where our company name comes from. But more than being named after a star sign, it’s the strong core values that connects the company, Sharon’s personal traits, how we operate as a team and the core values we stand for: no-bull, tenacious, loyal, stubborn (in a good way) and innovative.

Taurus values are ingrained in the way we work and that’s why our clients stick with us, why we continue to be successful and why the brand is well-known and trusted.

Here are five key qualities to adopt and help boost your professional personal brand:

1. Tenacity

Ambitious, focused, and resilient, Taureans aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard to earn big rewards. Any leader or professional who is tenacious has a strong blend of determination, persistence and grit you never give up and you keep your eye on the prize. To build your professional personal brand in a way that can continue to grow, you must be results and outcomes driven, think of the impossible and make it your reality.

2. Diligence

To ensure your personal professional brand recipe is as good as it can be, a necessary ingredient is this no-bull diligent mindset. Taureans are well known for their hardworking and diligent nature. Able to power through and outwork many of their counterparts, Taurus don’t shy away from hard work. In our company, our team channels their inner Bull, prioritising their tasks and ‘take the bull by the hours’, to ensure efficiency and success.

3. Dependability

It’s not surprising when learning what makes a Taurus tick, but their diligence and stubbornness don’t just work for their own interests. Whether you are an entrepreneur working to develop your own personal brand, or looking to grow your businesses image, dependability is not something to forget. Ensuring that both your employees and customers can rely on you and your brand is essential to the success of your business. It is reliability which awards customer loyalty. This is reflected in our own company – led by Sharon and the core value aligned team.

4. Honesty

It may not be surprising that accompanying all these Taurus traits is honesty. When developing your professional personal brand, transparency is key. Across all elements of your business, positive and honest communication is necessary to build trust, both internally and externally for your brand. I suppose it would be hard to be diligent, dependable and stubborn (in a positive way) without having a strong streak of honesty to keep those values in check.

5. Strength

Last but not least, the Taurus zodiac is most well-known for their stubborn characteristic. However, being stubborn by standing up for your brand and your beliefs is just an attribution to strength. Coupled with the Taurus hardworking nature is a level of ambition and mental tenacity that makes Taureans a true force to be reckoned with. The strength of channelling your inner bull can lift up your brand and push it to the next level.

It is the balance of each Taurus trait that will bring you success in your professional personal branding. At Taurus, as a collective we work together to ensure our personal professional brand is a reflection of the tenacity, diligence, dependency, honesty, and strength we bring to work every day.

Ready to re-evaluate your personal brand and take the no-bull approach in transforming it into the best it can be? Take the bull by the horns and contact us at [email protected]

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