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4 Reasons Why Small to Medium Enterprises Need PR

We could be biased, but we strongly believe Public Relations is the greatest investment you will ever make for your business. A PR strategy sets you apart from competitors, creates a positive perception and will generate long-term success.

Whilst the majority of small to medium enterprises are restricted by a small budget, PR often gets neglected for this reason. In a marketplace dominated by larger well-established companies, PR can be a valuable tool in gaining a stronger market position, gaining the interest of potential customers and clients.

Here are 4 reasons why your small to medium business will benefit from public relations:

1. Enhance Your Online Presence

It is now more important than ever to have a positive online presence in a world that is heavily reliant upon smartphones and devices. PR helps B2B companies enhance their online presence, using their expertise to create and manage social media and push positive thought leadership.

According to Hinge Marketing, buyers tend to perform a Google search to gauge a firm’s reputation within the market they operate. They are becoming increasingly critical and are more likely to reject partnerships from brands who do not have a favorable online image. In fact, 57% of buyer decisions are made before buyers pick up the phone to speak to a supplier.

The interests of customers and associates are monitored by PR professionals alongside visible threats and resolving conflicts in the online environment. These are often tasks that are time consuming for an entrepreneur yet imperative for the reputation management of a small to medium business.

2. Promote Brand Values

Being authentic is pivotal to achieving credibility as a company. As a small to medium enterprise, promoting authentic brand values is particularly important in the early stages, and public relations can help convey this.

The promotion of brand values can be achieved through publishing thought leadership pieces, influencer marketing, and networking with other professionals. According to the Demand Gen Report, 96 percent of customers want content from industry thought leaders, hearing their input on industry events, industry changes, and other relevant content. This adds an element of authenticity and credibility to the brand’s values, creating a new form of communication channel between the brand and the customers.

3. Connection and Publicity

PR helps to strengthen community relations between brand and customers. For start-ups and small businesses in particular, public relations have the connections and expertise to set up on-going relationships with influencers, also known as influencer marketing.

In fact, the 2020 Influencer Marketing Report states that 42% of marketers claim influencer marketing is their top ROI marketing strategy, building a positive brand awareness, driving online sales, and reaching new audiences.

4. Reputation Management

Word-of-mouth and positive feedback are important for small to medium enterprises, with 85% of customers claiming to trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations according to Reputation X.

If a customer posts a bad review or spreads negative comments online, this can have a significant impact on the reputation of small to medium businesses. A fundamental part of PR is reputation management, which involves monitoring what is being said about your company and responding to any negative feedback or scandals. Public relations assists with responding in a professional and considerate manner to obtain the credibility of the company.

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