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4 Reasons Why A Taurus Internship Is The Way to Kickstart Your Career

Getting a full time job without work experience under your belt is the ultimate Catch-22 situation in the life of today’s millennial. We may not hold the keys yet, but believe it or not, the future belongs to millennial.

Having a successful career doesn’t happen overnight, you need to be diligent, determined, tenacious and more importantly know what you’re well and truly passionate about. Often, students are hesitant to try an internship because it either takes up free time they could be using to study or the fear of stepping out of their comfort zones and getting a foot in the door. But internships can well and truly be the way to a dream career.

Keep in mind that you should apply for an internship that will help you gain the experience in your chosen file, expand the number of connections you have and give you the opportunity to network with industry experts, influencers and potentially future mentors.

Here are 4 reasons why internships are the way to kickstart your career:

1. Gain firsthand industry exposure

Committing to an internship program gives you the opportunity to gain insights into your chosen field and industry. It gives you the opportunity to understand how the academic theories you’ve learnt at university are put in to in real life practice in various situations. Learning content from university through lecture slides and tutorial activities are simply not enough. Practical knowledge and experience are just as important as theory! By undertaking an internship program, you can successfully integrate formal education with practical experience.

Internships help you gain confidence of your chosen field, it gives the opportunity to see yourself in practice, boosts your understanding that you have the capability and ability to work in a specific industry.

2. Build your network

In your career, you will often hear people say “it’s all about who you know” whether you’re in PR, Marketing, Finance or even Law, your network and the relationships you have are powerful tools for your career. Essentially, strong and meaningful connections formed through networking are the means by which you can build a successful future. Lack of meaningful connections means that door-opening opportunities may not be within reach.

During your internship, you will meet new people, from fellow interns, to your employer and team members. These relationships are an investment that may last a lifetime and form the basis of industry contacts who can be your future mentors. Being an intern could also improve your own work ethic in a way that you are constantly exposed to the work ethic of successful individuals, including other team members, like-minded practitioners and CEOs or directors. The best way to learn is to be mentored by fellow industry professionals. Being mentored by influential people will allow you to witness how successful people generate new ideas and how these ideas are executed.

3. Exposure and Skills

Gaining real practice and experience within the industry will not only help you develop new skills and expose you to corporate life, it will allow you to develop a new critical way of thinking. Internships help you understand the real process of networking by getting myself out there and boosting my confidence in your chosen field by gaining hands-on experience. Companies often operate in a fast-paced work environment and they simply cannot afford to constantly train every new applicant with no previous experience so having an internship under your belt not only gives you the confidence and but also makes you a striking applicant at you next job interview. With that being said, employers are eager to hear about the amount of exposure you’ve had in the industry, the skills you’ve learnt and how these two makes you the perfect candidate during job interviews.

Even if you change your mind and choose a completely different area to work in, you are still expanding your resume and showing future employers that you’ve gained different abilities and skills that may be an asset.

4. Boost Employ-ability

Internships provide the perfect opportunity to turn your position into full-time employment. Intern programs give you the work experience, firsthand exposure to running a business in your industry, entrepreneurship, operations and most significantly workplace culture.

If you have the “can do” attitude, show initiative and the right attitude then your next internship could be the pathway to your full-time job!

At Taurus we are passionate about training and mentoring young people and we have helped over 400 young graduates find jobs in the last ten years. You can join Taurus for three months in our TaurusFastTrack™ Intern Program. If you’re interested, submit your resume and CV to [email protected].

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