Scott Deane, Stellar Group General Manager Sales

by belinda on August 31, 2011

“We went to Taurus for PR, but in doing so, ended up with so much more – a new strategic process for our product and service offering. Internally we were very happy with the approach and saw great possibilities for it.”

“Taurus nailed it quickly, genuinely understood our requirements, where we were and were we wanted to go. They had a good partnering approach and a clearly articulated ‘strategic’ process that really impressed us.”

“The Taurus plan was a practical document that still gets used today. It set the framework for our way forward and now our own marketing team are running with it.”

“Taurus Taurus process was great and the early stages particularly insightful-Taurus met with senior Steller stakeholders and ensured everyone understood what was behind the initiative. It was during this time the beginnings of the marketing ‘quantum shift’ began. The group-based session with the senior management team worked very well as everyone had input and buy-in.”

To view the full Stellar case study, click here.

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