Taurus FastTrack™ Intern Blog Spot #NOBULLAPPROACH

by Sharon on May 29, 2018

The Taurus FastTrackTM  internship program has been an incredibly valuable learning experience. My 3-month placement gave me the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge I received during university. It also let me gain greater insight into what daily agency life entails.

The Taurus environment can be summed up as friendly, passionate and dynamic. There was a consistent effort made by all members of the team to make me feel comfortable and valued, encouraging me to communicate my ideas more freely. This was especially evident in the responsibilities I was given. Each task was relevant to my growth and taught me a variety of new skills such as how to develop ROIs, FYIs, media lists and coverage clippings.

Over the course of my time with Taurus I not only strengthened my skill-set but learnt how to effectively work within a team environment. I was also exposed to a wide range of clients over both the B2B and B2C industries. As a result, I am now more aware of where I want my career to progress in the future and the steps I will need to take to make this happen.

My top tips for future interns are to never be afraid to ask for assistance, always keep your supervisor updated on how your tasks are progressing and practice makes perfect so keep looking for tasks to facilitate your growth.

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