Personal Branding


Be yourself with purpose!

If you are a leader – or an expert in your field, whether you like it or not, you are the captain of your personal brand. TaurusProfile™ is an innovative service offered by Taurus, aimed at defining, developing and protecting the profile leading individuals.

With the instantaneous influence of new social media platforms, your personal brand online, image and expertise has never been more important to define, protect and differentiate. Your personal brand or ‘digital resume’ is being formed by others around you, it’s increasingly important to take responsibility for your own profile.

You are your brand. Whether discreet or ‘out there’ we help you be yourself with purpose. Focus and you can emerge stronger, surer and way ahead of the field. The TaurusProfile™ process takes you through a structured methodology to strengthen your personal brand presence.

Taurus Profile

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What is your personal brand?

Your personal brand is the image you present to the world – it is represented through:

  • Quotes in the media
  • Delivering presentations
  • Attending social events
  • Your daily image and dress code
  • Your body language
  • The way you speak
  • Your reputation
  • The way you deal with people
  • How you promote your expertise
  • Your online presence
  • Your collateral

You are the captain of your personal brand

TaurusProfile™ includes a brand audit workshop, in which your existing profile is analysed. Then, from a selection of over 30 modules, Taurus recommends specifically tailored sessions with our team of specialists to meet your strategic objectives. The program is clear, practical and designed to meet specific KPIs.

Designed to support corporate leaders, C-level executives, subject matter experts, politicians and rising stars, TaurusProfile™ provides individuals with an increased profile with solid and measurable deliverables.

In this highly competitive environment, building your personal brand profile will leave you a step ahead of your competition. The TaurusProfile™ process guarantees you will:

  • Gain clarity on your personal brand
  • Have a strategic communication plan to better develop your personal brand
  • Ensure your key messages flow through your actions,  visual, verbal and written communication
  • Be well equipped to deal with media
  • Become a thought leader

Expand your business, broaden your horizons, ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ – capture market share by developing your personal brand and as a benefit increase your company profile