The Taurus approach to marketing your business

by on August 31, 2011

To us, Marketing is all about attracting new customers and keeping current customers and being able to differentiate your offering from others. Marketing is about understanding why your customers buy from you and then using that knowledge to attract new customers. Marketing is a strategic, high level function and it should help you achieve your business objectives.

Business plans, marketing plans and strategy

Experts argue a business cannot survive without a business plan. We are familiar with business plans, marketing plans, objective setting and developing strategy. We will start by reviewing your business and sales objectives. We can sit and review your plans with you, help you write your plans or write them for you.

Target Markets

Understanding your customers and who is buying from you is then our priority. Your ‘target market’ is the different group(s) of people you would like to do business with – those who may buy your services or product. So the next thing we do is ask you about your customers.


To successfully market, you need to segment or break down your target markets into as many groups as possible, by ‘type of business’ or their specific needs so that you can fully understand who you are doing business with and why.

  • Do your marketing activities address every group?
  • Are there some who are being left out?
  • Can you identify your most profitable customers?

This helps you to approach all the different businesses you work with in a way that will best meet their needs.

The Tools of ‘Business to Business’ Marketing

We will then use our marketing ‘toolkit’ to help you succeed.

“Taurus Marketing are innovative, efficient and possess an appropriate sense of urgency to progress projects. The work they produce is of a consistently high standard and Taurus is always willing to go beyond the call of duty to get the job done.”

Judy Stenmark, CEO, Osteoporosis Australia

Case studies and testimonials

We have produced over 200 case studies or user testimonials for our clients. You can print them onto paper, upload them as PDF’s on your website or blow them up into posters for expos. Use quotes from them in your adverts, provide your sales people with sales tools and your PR agency with PR material. They couldn’t be a more powerful marketing tool.

Market research

Research can provide a sound foundation for your marketing exercises. At Taurus we can take on market research for you, recommend you to suppliers with specialist knowledge or show you what you need to find out and how to research it.

Brand building

Your brand is the identity of your offering and the values you represent as a business. We can help you with the entire branding process from consolidating all your marketing materials so that people can easily identify you, to how you communicate your brand to the market.


Sometimes advertising IS the most cost effective way to go. We’ll work with you to understand what you want to achieve, put a professional brief together and source appropriate suppliers plus measure your success.

Public relations

This is all about communicating with your stakeholders. It could be charity work, events or media relations (getting media coverage for you). We are experts at this. Our writing skills are strong and we have excellent links with the media. It’s easy to measure our success because you WILL, with time, see your name and key messages in the media.

Sales promotion

If appropriate, we’ll show you how special offers encourage people to buy from you. We’ll also introduce ideas for corporate giveaway gifts to keep your name in front of prospects and customers.

Direct marketing

From direct mailers to email newsletters, we understand the dynamics involved in reaching your market in a way that is most likely to get a response. We can help you work out the best way to target and communicate with your customers regularly and effectively.

Exhibitions, events and seminars

We have been helping customers with exhibitions, seminars and expos for many years. From checking whether this exhibition is really going to provide a good return on investment to choosing the stand, the promotion and briefing sales staff, we can help you from start to finish. Even if it’s overseas!

Customer service

Some of the best executed marketing campaigns have fallen casualty to poor customer service at the fulfillment stage. Or as you concentrate on bringing in new customers through the front door, your current customers leave by the back! You cannot have a marketing function (or a business!) without thinking of how to take care of your customers. If your organization is not customer focused, we can train your staff to understand that customers come first.


We can recommend suppliers or take on telesales projects in-house. We have undertaken many telesales exercises for customers directly and it enables us to value-add immediately and look beyond the square at your marketing issues and opportunities.

Web site development

We can help you determine your web requirements, create a brief and guide you through the entire process from selecting a designer to writing content. It may not be as expensive or as painful as you think.


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