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by on September 5, 2011

You only get one chance to unlock the value of your company through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), it’s vital to not underestimate the importance strategic communications before, during and after the float.

Much of the success of a company’s IPO, its first sale of shares to public investors, depends on ensuring that the market clearly understands the investment opportunity which your IPO represents.

A consistent communication campaign with focused messages, providing the right information at the right time to explain your organisation’s investment merit, is fundamental to building the markets understanding of your company’s long term value proposition.

A Strategic Communications Program to Make Your IPO Take Flight

Effective IPO communications is so much more than generating market hype – it is logical, consistent toolset for cutting through, attracting investors and supporting a strong IPO issue price.

“Taurus helped us come to terms with the fact that we needed effective PR and marketing to get our IPO away. The bottom line is we managed to get good exposure on television and in the newspapers.”Rupert Northcott, Managing Director, RiTract

IPO communications involves a variety of tactics including, amongst others:

  • Market research
  • Developing the corporate brand
  • Creating a website
  • Defining key messages
  • Preparing the prospectus
  • Producing presentation materials for analysts
  • Online marketing
  • Media relations

The Taurus Team Are Experienced Strategists

Taurus has a proven history in helping private companies list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Our experienced team of Marketing, PR and Creative professionals has helped leading brands like KAZ become Australia’s largest publicity-listed ICT company.

Our first step, with you, is structure a campaign that mirrors the key stages in any IPO:

  • Planning and research
  • Pre-prospectus
  • Prospectus
  • Post-float

“The main benefit I’ve found is that Taurus raised our profile and helped us become recognised as a brand. With the publicity generated we’ve received recognition in the market-place, improved our image to staff, customers and suppliers and collected a large number of referrals.”Peter Kazcos, Founder and Director of Strategy and Innovation, KAZ Group

Need Help Speaking To All Your Audiences From the Start

IPO documentation designed to meet strict complience and reporting conditions means including a level of detail that can obscure the company’s true potential value. For example, a detailed prospectus meets its objective of informing investment analysts, but is usefuless to time-poor journalist who’s on a deadline to submit an article.

The key to successful IPO is going beyond satisfying statutory requirements by regularly providing relevent information to all your audiences. These include:

  • Potential investors
  • Investment analysts
  • The media
  • Customers
  • Business partners
  • Third party suppliers
  • Current and prospective employees

A Compelling Media Message to Drive Pre-Flota Interest

One group of stakeholders which truely has the power to make or break your IPO is the media. Journalists shape public understanding of the IPO and act as a prism through which the investment community, including potential investors, evaluates the prospectus.

The risk is that failing to educate media about your company can result in bad press, which fast tracks your company to a disappointing IPO. What we seek to do is identify the core proposition of your IPO, assess the business context and craft a compelling package of information, which we take – individually – to leading businesses and other media. Importantly, we prepare you to engage with key journalists in a clear, compelling way to evidence the merits of your company’s IPO.

Measurable Objective to Ensure Post-Float Success

As your pre-float communications program will lay the foundations for your company’s post-float future, we like to set measurable objectives upfront, for each IPO milestone. This allows you to track how well we are preparing your organisation for life beyond listing.

Such objectives may include achieving a fully-subscribed prospectus, favourable media coverage your company achieves, or even the number of visitors who stop on the investor section of your website.

At Taurus, achieving these objectives is part of the planning process. We start by working with you to define the objectives that are most relevent to your IPO, then put in place the steps we need to take to achieve those goals.

Flexible Campaigns to Suit Your Business

You choose how the Taurus IPO communications service will work best for your organisation. It may be that you’d like us to complement the efforts of separate investor relations agency, and work together as your outsourced IPO team.

The IPO is just the first of many communcations challenges in the public life of a listed company. Call Sharon Williams today to discuss your options.

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