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by on August 30, 2011

Why outsource your company’s marketing and/or public relations?

What can be gained by calling in the experts? Below are some of the main reasons our clients choose to work with us:

1. The collective experience of a professional team

No matter what you are looking to do, between us we will have experience in that area. Together, we have clocked up more than 80 years’ experience, running the gamut from managing corporate marketing departments to creating award winning media stories. Outsourcing gives you all the benefits of a specialist team’s experience.

2. High level of expertise – we’ve done it all before

We offer integrated marketing and public relations services, which means we do the lot, from strategy to case studies, public relations, copy writing and a lot more. It’s what we do every day so our skills and relationships with the press are continuously honed.

3. Maximum results without increasing your headcount

Our collective experience makes us fast and focused on delivering results to deadline and within budget, which is often more cost effective than maintaining such a range of in-house expertise.

4. Flexible and nimble service

Our flexibility means we can increase the pace to deliver that important campaign. You can turn the volume on your marketing activities without having to make major recruitment decisions.

5. Objective, independent advice

Consider us your informed ally to balance marketing and public relations debates. Unlike internal staff, we operate as an an objective third party.

6. Mentoring

Our mentoring of your junior staff fast-tracks your internal expertise. Warm and interested guidance from those who have done it before makes all the difference if your staff lack the depth of experience you need.

“The Taurus team are professional, efficient, dedicated, thorough and amiable. They took a marketing leadership role to ensure that our company gets what it needs to from the marketing process. As we are strangers to marketing, this is invaluable.”

Kate Lopez, Out There Productions

When to outsource

  •  Some of the most common scenarios prompting the decision to outsource are:
  •  You have no existing marketing/public relations department, or very limited resources.
  •  Your competitors are stealing the march on you with clever marketing or publicity campaigns.
  •  Your marketing department is overloaded and buckling under the strain.
  •  Your head office is overseas so marketing and/or public relations focuses on overseas and your local  needs are often overlooked.
  •  You lack visibility among your target market.
  • You know you will not achieve your sales objectives without more marketing to drive results.
  •  You are a start-up organisation busy focusing on your core business.

Making it work

  • Outsourcing any element of your business is a big move, so how can you make sure it’s one that pays off
  • Set clear objectives and priorities and know what it is you will measure us by.
  • Communicate those objectives and expectations to us so that we are working towards an agreed outcome.
  • Meet the team who will be working on your account and get a feel for their ability and enthusiasm.
  • Tell us as and when things change… so we can adapt our efforts accordingly.
  • Tell us when you are delighted… and when you are not.
  • Entrust us to do the job. We will invest 100% of our effort to developing a strong working relationship with you that delivers the results you need.

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