How do we work with you at Taurus?

by on August 31, 2011

First of all, we try and keep things simple

At your request, we forward you a proposal full of ideas related to your business and sales objectives.  On your acceptance of our proposal we liaise with you to turn the proposal into a three month forward plan and put the ideas into action.

We work as an extension to your team

We start our process by getting to know your business in depth. We research your competitors and your industry and gain an understanding of your company and your people. Our aim is to operate seamlessly as your outsourced marketing and/or public relations department.

It’s no issue if your HQ is overseas

We are used to liaising with international operations while executing locally to achieve a high level of results for you inAustralia.  We report to a number of overseas headquarters in the UK, France, New Zealand and Singapore.

“One Taurus client carries a portfolio of our achievements for him here in Australia each time he travels to the European head office.”

Sharon Williams, Managing Director, Taurus Marketing.

We’ll keep you posted on how we are going

We will talk or exchange emails with you several times a day or leave you to weekly updates – whichever you prefer. We always try to respond promptly to your calls.

  • We operate from a Work In Progress (WIP) document that details all the ‘work on the table for you’ at any given time
  • We present you with a monthly report at the end of each month that records all our effort for that month
  • We ask for one (two hour long) monthly meeting where we all meet to agree the next month’s priorities
  • We invoice you at the beginning of each month

Who works on your account?

Account Director

To lead the work on your account and provide high level strategy

Account Manager

Who liaises on a day to day basis with you and manages the deliverables

Marketing Executives

Who work with your assigned team to assist internally on a daily basis.

Keeping you informed with regular reports

Monthly Meetings

At least once a month your Account Manager and/or Account Director will schedule a meeting with you to receive any updates from you on company events or news, review progress, consult on any new issues and define future activity.

Work In Progress (WIP)

We record all activity in a WIP report, which specifies responsibilities and deadlines on both sides.  This is emailed to you to keep you informed on the status on all projects at a glance.

Contact Reports

Following your meeting you will receive a contact report summarising the outcomes and any actions agreed in the meeting.

Measuring outcomes

Every activity should be measurable to help assess your return on investment (ROI), impact on your target market and to help define your future campaigns.

For example, direct marketing activity is evaluated according to the number of responses and cost per response. Public Relations activity is measured according to the quantity and quality of coverage (inclusion of your company’s key messages in the article), plus increase in calls resulting from the exposure and satisfaction/awareness level surveys where appropriate.

We measure outcomes against the expectations agreed at the planning stage for each campaign.



We work on an agreed monthly retainer and provide an invoice at the beginning of each month. We ask for the first month’s retainer in advance.  The retainer is for an agreed minimum hours of work per month. If we work over this, we will bill you on our hourly rate accordingly.

Ad hoc Project basis

We can also undertake projects quoted and charged at our hourly rate.

Terms and conditions

We will ask you to sign our terms and conditions (nothing frightening) as proof of our understanding to work together.

The Taurus approach

We are a privately owned boutique agency and our growth and success is built on long-term client relationships.  We care about you and your business. In a competitive climate where many companies change their agency with alarming regularity, our first client is still with us – nine years later.

 Our pledge

  • We will endeavour to do everything reasonably possible to ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
  • We will find you the most appropriate solution to help meet your business objectives.
  • We will give honest, practical advice and are prepared to tell you up-front if we believe something won’t work.
  • We keep your business and sales goals in focus.
  • End results matter to us – we want to know how we are tracking.


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