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by on September 6, 2011

“Taurus work was outstanding. Taurus challenged and stretched us with innovative new ideas and perspectives. Their research was excellent and their recommendations and scope of work were far more comprehensive than I could have imagined. The report was outstanding.” – John Weiss, CEO, Trans-Tasman Business Circle

…then the rest falls into place

Before we start your Marketing and PR campaign, you need to be able to:

  1. Talk consistently about your company
  2. Articulate clearly
  • Your core values
  • Your key messages
  • Your differentiators
  • Your positioning in the market

With Taurus – it’s easy! The Taurus strategy sessions are a great way to kickstart your marketing plans

Attend our strategic messaging and positioning session and we guarantee that:

  • Your team will have clarity moving forward
  • You will all ‘sing off the same song sheet’
  • Different media will carry the same statements about you
  • People will understand how your service or product fulfils their needs
  • Your messaging will flow clearly through all your visual, verbal and written communication
  • You will understand more clearly where you ‘fit’ in the market

“Taurus facilitated a session with our senior team and helped us define more accurately who we are, what we do and where we are going.” – Richard Hewson, Hewsons Executive Coaching

With a few seconds to grab attention – don’t confuse with mixed messages

Clear messaging and consistency is crucial to good brand building:

  • It increases the impact of any given message
  • It’s more cost effective over time
  • It reinforces your own sense of ‘culture’ and ‘branding’
  • It’s the key to business development

“The Taurus messaging and positioning workshop captured our thoughts and ideas into a formal document that could be drawn upon when developing our marketing strategies in both the short and long term – it hit the nail on the head perfectly.” – Brett Churcher, Managing Director, Playoust Churcher

The Taurus messaging and positioning session delivers all or some of the following:

  • Your updated company ‘boilerplate’
  • An ‘elevator pitch’ to describe quickly what you do
  • Your company’s key messages
  • Your company’s core or brand values
  • Your positioning statements
  • Six to twelve month marketing priorities
  • A list of PR angles
  • Competitor information

How does our messaging and positioning session work?

We facilitate a closed-door workshop for 4-5 hours to draw out the key information held by you and your key management team about your business. We aim for 4-6 attendees at a time.

We ask your nominated delegates to complete a simple form and we research your company thoroughly. If we don’t cover everything in the first session, we are happy to facilitate a second session.

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