Have you been meaning to re-focus on marketing?

by on August 30, 2011

Marketing – it’s worth the focus

For business leaders faced with escalating demands on all fronts, marketing can easily get pushed down the agenda. At the same time, most would agree that the ability to listen to, respond to and reach your market (customers, shareholders, employees, influencers and suppliers) has never been more vital.

We understand that you are time constrained and busy juggling a variety of responsibilities.

Our KickStart marketing service helps you and your team ‘kick-start’ your marketing effort to action.

So where do you start?

KickStart staff work directly with you or your marketing team to answer the often asked question ‘Where do we start?’

For some of our customers this means putting a marketing plan in place, for others it’s redefining the logo and corporate identity, or perhaps training internal marketing staff towards greater focus. It may also be developing that suite of case studies you’ve had on the ‘to do’ list for a while, direct marketing programs, or running a messaging and positioning session to get your team singing off the same song sheet.

Our senior consultants work with you from scratch, guiding you through the most practical cost and time effective process, whatever your budget, to make your marketing happen. We start by helping you prioritise your needs and identifying the best options and projected results.

A typical KickStart program

  • Check on your business and sales objectives
  • Messaging and positioning session
  • Establish key messages
  • Evaluate your brand
  • Produce or re-visit your logo and collateral
  • Set up or update the website
  • Review your database
  • Refine the sales kit
  • Do testimonials and case studies
  • Implement “Giveaways” where appropriate
  • Lead generation programs
  • Develop a PR media kit
  • Plan an Initial PR program

Is this service right for you?

Regardless of what industry you are in, whether you are an established company or a new entity, if you need to get your marketing up-and-running we offer you a simple one-stop service. Because we provide integrated marketing and public relations solutions, we keep the bigger picture of your business in view and come up with ideas that work to maximum effect for you.

What are the benefits of the KickStart service?

  • We get your marketing and public relations objectives started
  • We set up processes and templates along the way to make it easier to maintain momentum
  • You are able to address your marketing needs without increasing your payroll costs
  • We make the process of getting your new logo, collateral, website or marketing activity as painless and straightforward for you as possible by managing the entire process
  • We offer you the opportunity to delegate a non-core function to qualified people who can get results for you quickly
  • You and your management team are left to deal with your direct responsibilities
  • You receive marketing and public relations advice from professionals whose accumulated 100 years’ of knowledge gets results fast, and protects you from time-consuming and costly mistakes
  • You receive objective, independent advice and a fresh perspective on how to make your marketing drive your sales objectives

Here are some comments from clients who have used our KickStart service:

“Taurus Marketing undertook a 360-degrees evaluation of our company, and helped us define what type of events company we are in the marketplace now, and where we want to be in the future.”

Kate Lopez, Out There Productions


“Absolutely outstanding! Taurus have got the market completely wired. We couldn’t have picked a better agency for PR.”

Mike Blanchard, MD, TeleWare


“The Taurus team made sure we had the right number of choices. They asked the right questions and their knowledge and guidance made each decision easy, saving us time and money.”

Frank Woods, Managing Director, ATS Training Systems


“Taurus work as my extended marketing department, advising me on ideas and helping me plan. The Taurus team assisted me re-brand my company and gave us a smarter, up-to-the-minute look.”

Lena Malouf, Lena Malouf Events (a Platinum Events Company)

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