I am extremely grateful to have completed the Taurus FastTrack™ internship. Over the course of the 3 months I have learnt more than I ever expected to about the corporate environment and how my personal aptitudes and values can contribute to a professional workplace.

The approachable and dedicated team at Taurus immediately made me feel welcome and part of the team. I felt that they were there to teach me just as much as I was there to assist them. I learnt many valuable lessons about how important effective teamwork and communication is in producing the best possible outcome.

In the office, it was apparent that the Taurus ‘no bull’ philosophy was believed in. There was no time wasted being unsure or unclear about a task, and the team continuously encouraged me to politely speak up, be direct, and ask for assistance if I did not understand something. This ‘no bull’ philosophy is one I will definitely take with me into my future experiences in the workforce.

I was given the responsibilities of undertaking various research tasks for both Taurus and their clients. These tasks greatly improved my researching and writing skills. I’ve learnt to be more concise, timely, and clear in my communications. I was also able to compose media lists, feature lists, and ROI reports which enhanced my Microsoft Excel capabilities.

My communication skills have also improved through consistently being encouraged to ask questions, join conversations, offer ideas, meet and greet clients, and answering phones. I have understood the importance of time management, improving in the crucial skill of using my time efficiently while producing my best effort during my time at Taurus.

I am extremely lucky to have worked in such a well-respected and successful workplace as Taurus Marketing. I now have a greater understanding of the purpose of PR and Communications. The internship enabled me to identify my current strengths and weaknesses, and continuously work and challenge myself to improve.

Thank you to the Sharon and the Taurus team for the amazing experience!


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