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by on September 1, 2011

WebCentral is Australia’s largest web and application hosting company. Established in 1997, it provides hosting and email services to companies of all sizes throughout the Asia Pacific region, from SMEs to corporate, government and enterprise clients with business-critical web applications.

A fast growing company on a mission to step up its media coverage, WebCentral recognised the time was right to migrate from using freelance PR experts to the competitive full service offering of IT PR agency, Taurus. Taking the company’s media exposure to new levels, this is a hard-working partnership that delivers solid client value.

“As a team, Taurus and WebCentral punch well above our weight!”

Monique Roberts, Manager of Corporate Communications, WebCentral

WebCentral takes the full service agency option with Taurus

WebCentral has long understood the power of media coverage and Monique Roberts, the Company’s Manager of Corporate Communication, has worked with agencies and PR freelancers to achieve it. She explains, “We had two great PR freelancers working cooperatively but when they moved on it was time to re-evaluate our options.”

“We were gun shy of agencies as we’re a medium sized company and had a bad experience with a previous agency intent on up-selling us rather than focusing on our stated objectives. As we were growing strongly as a company, we felt that our medium term needs were likely to outgrow a freelance service and that we needed to find the right kind of agency that had the skills and resources to grow with us. Taurus was recommended to us and the concept of an established IT PR agency who had counted KAZ among its clients was the step up we needed to take,” she adds.

“From day one Taurus came 100% on board behind WebCentral’s objectives and strategy.”

Monique Roberts, Manager of Corporate Communications, WebCentral

Increasing media coverage within budget

Monique explains, “Our Board and Executive Team wanted more media coverage but as we grow as a company it is also important to contain expenses to maximise profit. So we needed IT PR professionals with strong media relationships and the ability to deliver sound advice at a good price. Taurus won on all these points but, equally importantly, on enthusiasm.”

“Taurus’ passion for lifting WebCentral’s profile bowled us over. They were so keen to win our business. This was in contrast to our previous experience and those agencies who told us anything less than $10K a month was too small for them,” recalls Monique. She continues, “The real volume and increased coverage lies in Taurus’ success in sniffing out and creating opportunities and the team’s expertise in pitching us for upcoming media features. Media releases are just 10% of the picture.”

“We are a fast growing company so the top tier coverage we’re getting in media like The Australian’s IT section is important to us in the market, and proves our messages are relevant.”

Monique Roberts, Manager of Corporate Communications, WebCentral

Taurus positions WebCentral among the heavyweights

Monique comments “Our biggest coup came from an interview Taurus secured for our CEO with a top journalist. It resulted in a front page feature in The Australian IT section where the WebCentral logo was pictured alongside those of international industry giants. The positioning for us, at this time, was a once in a lifetime achievement – priceless!”

WebCentral is now a regular name in tier one media titles including the major daily papers The Australian Financial Review, The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald and the likes of magazines CFO, CIO and MIS.

Raising the profile of key executives “Our CEO is often interviewed for business and finance articles and this month’s MIS features our CIO along with a great photo in the article,” explains Monique.

“Working with Taurus has completely changed my previous perceptions of just what an agency can do for us.”

Monique Roberts, Manager of Corporate Communications,WebCentral

She adds, “Then there are the niche requests for comment from our CFO at the end of the financial year. It all adds up to a greater breadth of opportunities for our senior team than ever before.”

How WebCentral gets value from Taurus

“We get superb value from Taurus by doing what we do well in-house, that is knowing our products, doing the internal chasing of executives and drafting media releases or points for a feature pitch. Then we hand over to Taurus to polish it, advise us and swing into action with the media. So the focus is on solid hours of professional PR expertise,” states Monique.

“With Taurus we’ve never been just another client. They work tirelessly to bring us the best opportunities and always have our interests at heart. I’m thrilled with the help and results we get from Taurus.”

Monique Roberts, Manager of Corporate Communications, WebCentral

What Taurus does for WebCentral:

  • Public Relations (PR) strategy
  • PR counsel
  • Proactive media relations
  • Copy writing

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