Taurus strategic planning process re-brands MPower to increase revenue by 20%

by on September 1, 2011

MPower (previously M&H Power) is a leading provider of innovative and dependable power solutions in Australia and throughout Asia Pacific. Their customers range from mining companies, small businesses electrical wholesalers, emergency services through to the largest contracts with the Defence force. MPower is unique in the Australian market place because it is so diverse, covering many product lines that meet the needs of numerous customer segments. It services Commonwealth Bank, MLC, Sydney Harbour Tunnel and the Department of Defence to name just a few.

“The Taurus team listened, heard us, formed their opinions, were very professional and delivered what they said they would deliver. It was this project that resulted in the step change in revenue in excess of 20% over a year and half since the re-branding exercise.”

Paul Sharp, Managing Director, MPower

Professional expertise with a personal touch – a supplier with soul

Marketing was usually the domain of Paul Sharp, M&H Power Managing Director, but with a growing company, time constraints and complex issues to face, it was decided to look for outside expertise. MPower came to Taurus in early 2008 with a brief to help raise profile and brand awareness.

On examination, Taurus discovered the company had grown from revenue of $4.5 million in 1995 to $55million in 2008 through aggressive and robust acquisition. The process resulted in a collection of different company names and logos within the group such as Advanced Power, Westpower Rectifiers and Genpower, a complex product portfolio, a mix of internal cultures and a confused overall identity.

Taurus suggested M&H Power went through the Taurus strategic planning methodology to determine a more unified approach to the corporate image and perhaps re-brand to unite the disparate group of companies without losing sight
of the core competencies that made each company in the portfolio independently successful.

“The Taurus winning attributes was their depth of understanding of our business, their professionalism, infrastructure and that they had soul. The success Taurus had achieved with other corporate rebranding initiatives as outlined in their case studies was the tipping point.”

Paul Sharp, Managing Director, MPower

Taurus methodology kicks in

A strategic Messaging and Positioning branding workshop lead by the Taurus team and attended by the M&H Power Executive Team and Board resulted in a very open and honest appraisal of the business within the context of the company’s expected aggressive growth objectives. Armed with the information from their due diligence, Taurus formulated a situational analysis that led to a comprehensive strategic marketing plan.

The cornerstone was to unify all the acquired brands into one strong and easily identifiable company name that would be embraced by external stakeholders and the employees of the company. After a rigorous review, analysis and concepts creation, Taurus created the new name and brand – MPower.

Taurus then showed how the MPower re-brand could be leveraged across all marketing and sales collateral. This included the website, advertising, public relations, press releases, facts sheets stationary, uniforms and corporate signage.

“The work we did with Taurus in strengthening our brand, was a key reason to MPower being awarded a major project in a new market in engineering excellence.”

Paul Sharp, Managing Director, MPower

Taurus listens to deliver increased revenue

The new umbrella brand was launched in mid 2009. MPower now encompasses a uniformed, professional company and is recognised as a leader in its field. Qualitative feedback from customers and suppliers is also very positive with all materials being seen as impactful, clean, crisp and easy to understand.

Taurus prepares MPower for future growth

With the strategic foundation in place, a robust implementation plan executed and strong results achieved, the templates developed by Taurus were able to create a consistent look and feel across the entire brand.

“Being able to determine and re-define something and bring it to life was a great thing, particularly as this all took place through the Global Financial Crisis which presented many challenges to MPower.”

Paul Sharp, Managing Director, MPower

“A value add and pleasing outcome working with Taurus was that we were able to re-brand and set up templates going forward, so that everything we produce is done with a level of uniformity and is easily recognised as MPower. I would give Taurus a 9/10 for our experience with them,” Paul comments.

MPower requested increased brand awareness to increase sales, Taurus delivered:

  • A strategic review of the business
  • A promotional communications plan
  • Complete corporate re-brand
  • New name and new logo
  • New brand roll out
  • Advertising design and planning
  • Complete website development
  • www.mpower.com.au
  • Public Relations
  • Collateral design and implementation
  • Template creation
  • Product factsheets
  • Events support

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