Taurus puts IT services provider Datacom on the media map

by on September 1, 2011

Datacom is one of the largest Australasian-owned professional IT services companies, offering customers flexibility and choice, an open book approach to business and an IT focus second to none. With over 1,900 staff, Datacom services more than 2,000 clients including Manpower, Norfolk Group, Medibank Private, Microsoft, IBM and Symantec.

Established in Australia in 1992, Datacom’s capabilities include IT support and infrastructure management, corporate helpdesks, data centre hosting, application development, outbound marketing programs and in bound contact centre solutions.

Datacom’s CEO Michael Browne explains, “We had achieved a critical mass of skills, experience and reference projects in the Australian market, but we needed to become proactive in positioning ourselves and getting our story across. Taurus hit the ground running and deliver a steady stream of media coverage that is reaching our target audience.”

“To measure results we set specific KPIs around PR, signing stories and case studies. Taurus is performing exceptionally well against every benchmark.”

Michael Browne, CEO, Datacom

Datacom selects Taurus for its proven industry expertise

Michael adds, “We had no marketing competence in-house so recruiting and managing a marketing person internally would be a challenge and I suspect, more costly than outsourcing the function to specialists.”

“Taurus came recommended to us by industry colleagues. Putting the contract to tender enabled us to assess benchmarks and highlighted Taurus’ solid credentials in our market – the provision of Professional IT services,” adds Michael.

“Taurus’ proven capability in our market meant they were quick to ramp up and deliver results for us.”

Michael Browne, CEO, Datacom

Taurus puts Datacom in the news

Taurus has recently achieved press coverage for Datacom in The Financial Review, The Australian, Computerworld and ITNews, to name a few. Frank Mastronardo, Business Development Manager at Datacom comments, “Taurus quickly gained us traction in the media. Four months into our relationship they presented us with a large portfolio of Datacom media coverage, which duly impresses clients who flick through it in Reception!”

Explaining the PR process, Frank recalls, “When we recently won the Fujitsu PC contract in Australia, I discussed the key points with our Taurus Account Manager and she promptly came back with a draft to put to press. I changed just one line and after gaining our clients sign-off out it went. Equally, she takes a proactive approach to driving press opportunities for us. Ultimately the Taurus team saves me time because they understand our business and our market so well.”

“For the first time in Australia we’re now on the radar of influential industry analysts, IDC, courtesy of Taurus’ introduction. As a private company we had not previously attracted the attention of analysts or figured in analyst reports,” comments Frank.

“Before Taurus, we weren’t even on the media’s radar; now we have a steady stream of coverage.”

Frank Mastronardo, Business Development Manager, Datacom

Taurus injects power into Datacom’s communication

In a move that is improving both external and internal communications, Franks explains, “Taurus’ key messages workshop opened our eyes and thoughts to identify Datacom’s key messages and helps us articulate them succinctly. From this we’ve introduced a Capabilities document which has become a powerful part of our communications arsenal.”

Professional case studies boost credibility

Taurus has developed Datacom’s first case studies in Australia. Frank explains, “Case studies are a big win for us. They give us credibility with prospective clients as we can show them the experience of an actual client. We use case studies in pre-sales, at events and email them as PDFs to clients.”

“Taurus’ Creative division has designed and printed all the collateral we need, including our company brochure. Previously there was a big hole there, now we have material that projects the Datacom brand and gets our message across,” adds Frank.

Datacom takes a long-term view to working with Taurus

Michael explains, “We’re working with Taurus to position marketing initiatives to support our long term business objectives. A sustained and consistent marketing and PR approach is going to yield us better results in the market, rather than short bursts of activity.”

“Our Taurus Account Manager brings enthusiasm, passion and pride to the work she delivers for us and is totally dedicated to achieving results.”

Michael Browne, CEO, Datacom

What Taurus does for Datacom:

  • Public Relations (PR) strategy
  • Strategic marketing advice
  • Internal communications
  • Copy writing for case studies and corporate brochures
  • Design and print
  • Collateral
  • Key messages development
  • Events support
  • Media relations
  • Analyst relations

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