Taurus is Maxon’s Marketing, PR and Creative department

by on September 1, 2011

Taurus recharges the Maxon brand to connect with consumers

Maxon Australia is revolutionising the way consumers and businesses connect to the Net Australia-wide with its innovative range of modems to make wireless technology accessible and simple. A Telstra partner, Maxon Australia is a privately owned company recording phenomenal growth.

Dana Baggetto, Director of Maxon explains, “We have great products, we just needed the marketing expertise to promote them. Taurus works as an extension of us – they are the marketing department we don’t have internally.”

Taurus has taken Maxon Australia from a slightly dated brand with a low profile, to a company with a fresh, upbeat image that regularly hits the media.

“We’re getting results, sales are increasing and I’d say the exposure and marketing push Taurus gives us is undoubtedly a factor in this.”

Dana Baggetto, Director, Maxon Australia

Taurus offers all the services Maxon need

Dana continues, “We found an in-house marketing person just got bogged down in administration. We really needed an outside perspective on what we do.

“Our online research pinpointed three Sydney agencies. What impressed us about Taurus was their range of services, from marketing to design and PR, their diverse list of customers and the amount of information on their website.”

“In our industry email is the voice of communication but I still put a lot of importance on face-to-face meetings. I knew upon meeting the Taurus MD, Account Manager and Creative Director I’d found a young and creative team we could work with.”

“Rather than hire one marketing person we hired a team. Taurus comes in with a group of specialists, providing many additional minds working on our business.”

Dana Baggetto, Director, Maxon Australia

Branding from conception to maturity Dana explains, “We work in an environment of continuous change so it’s important that we’re up to date. We’re an innovative company that has grown rapidly but our old brand wasn’t telling that story. The
Creative team at Taurus came up with a brilliant logo and look and have taken us from conception to mature brand.”

Dana adds, “Taurus extended the brand across new brochures, all our print collateral and stationery and we’ve had new shirts, backpacks and drink bottles branded, which our team love. For our stand at CeBit the Creative team produced a backdrop that made the Maxon brand look great.”

“The Taurus Creative Director just read my mind! He perfectly understood where I want the Company to go.”

Dana Baggetto, Director, Maxon Australia 

New website puts Maxon among the heavyweights

Taurus designed and built for Maxon a new website that not only carries the slick new branding but has transformed Maxon’s online presence into a powerhouse of information. It answers the specific needs of each of Maxon’s market segments, from consumers to businesses; industrial to commercial

“The Creative team at Taurus had some really good ideas about what we could do. The result is incredibly impressive. It’s a comprehensive, technically complex site but with a great, clean look. People look at us online now and think we’re a multinational!” laughs Dana.

Taurus’ PR expertise achieves media exposure

Dana continues, “In the past we had invested little in PR. We write too technically, which is a major problem when trying to communicate with normal people. We needed a professional PR effort to lift our visibility and help drive sales in the consumer field.”

“Taurus achieved a lot of product reviews for us in major daily papers such as The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and in magazines including APC, MacWorld and Australian Traveller.”

“The Taurus team proactively come up with PR opportunities for us and show great initiative and drive in making it all happen.”

“Once we’re in a magazine the exposure and word of mouth kicks in and sales climb.”

Dana Baggetto, Director, Maxon Australia

Taurus gives Maxon a single point of contact

“Our Taurus Account Manager is our one-stop expert. She knows everything that’s going on across the Marketing, PR and Creative sides of our work and takes care of the logistics and administration to get it all up and running,” comments Dana.
And Dana’s final words of advice? “When you’re running a business and looking to outsource your marketing, it comes down to costs and how it will improve your business. To make it work, be clear from the outset what you want to achieve.”

What Taurus does for Maxon:

  • Branding
  • Design and print
  • Case studies
  • Collateral
  • Expo support
  • Website
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Strategic marketing advice
  • Advertising

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