Taurus helps Hewsons attract Top 200 attention

by on August 25, 2011

Executive coaching and mentoring firm Hewsons International (Hewsons) works with prominent CEOs and executives from Australia’s Top 200 and leading international companies to develop powerful leaders who create lasting change. A well established organisation with a premium team of executive coaches, Hewsons identified the need for professional marketing to advance business growth. Taurus’ integrated marketing, PR and creative strategy for Hewsons has significantly raised the company’s profile and propelled the brand forward to successfully attract new business.

“We are now much more effective in attracting clients from Australia’s Top 200 companies. I attribute this to Taurus’ success in raising our profile, increasing awareness and making us look more professional as a brand.”

Richard Hewson, CEO, Hewsons

Taurus understands the corporate market

Richard Hewson, CEO of Hewsons comments, “To achieve growth we needed to look beyond referrals and networking and put other marketing methods to work for us.”

Hewsons evaluated several agencies and as Richard explains, ”In selecting an agency we looked for an ability to understand our processes, for clarity of thinking and the credibility of a proven track record. Taurus’ current results and extensive portfolio amply demonstrated the team’s capabilities and their understanding of our target corporate market.”

“We did consider hiring someone in-house but the breadth of marketing expertise and excellent media connections we get with Taurus add up to much more than one person’s mind. Executive coaching is a new market and not easily understood, yet Taurus got to grips with it quickly and were honest in their feedback to us,” he adds.

Top level PR elevates awareness of Hewsons

“Increasingly, these days, the people we talk to have already heard of Hewsons, and PR is a key factor in driving this awareness”, comments Richard.

BRW, The Financial Review, The Australian, and Marketing Magazine are among the publications to feature Richard and members of the Hewsons executive coaching team.

“Taurus’ ability to open doors in the media is excellent; we are now quoted as an authority in tier one publications.” 

Richard Hewson, CEO, Hewsons

Taurus sharpens the Hewsons brand

The Taurus Messaging and Positioning work with the Hewsons team identified the key messages to effectively communicate the Hewsons brand across every medium, from printed collateral to the company website.

To give the Hewsons brand a more contemporary edge in step with company’s messages, Taurus’ Creative team updated the logo and created a new website, corporate brochure and fact sheets.

“First impressions are so important. By smartening up our collateral and online presence we are giving the market some understanding of our calibre. Add to that the case studies Taurus has done for us and it equates to higher credibility in the marketplace”, reflects Richard.

“A major strength of Taurus’ is their Strategic Company Messaging product. Becoming clear on our messages has been a key step in communicating effectively with our market.”

Richard Hewson, CEO, Hewsons

Enthusiasm and results define the partnership

He continues, “We have a long term relationship with Taurus and the team’s enthusiasm and desire to help and to get results makes it easy for me to be an advocate of their services.”

“The way we’re treated is always warm and professional, whether we’re dealing with our Account Manager or the Principal. In Taurus we have a very hard working team who are committed to us.”

Focus on objectives underscores success

Richard’s advice to others engaging an agency is, “Be very clear what you are looking for and the outcomes you expect. Keep focused on this when you review progress each month as there can be a lot of activity but it is most important to bring it back to your key objectives.”

“Our branding now supports the quality of what we do. The website and collateral Taurus created has us looking better than our competitors!”

Richard Hewson, CEO, Hewsons

What Taurus does for Hewsons:

  • Public Relations
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Website
  • Collateral
  • Case Studies
  • Seminars and events
  • Marketing Strategy

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