Taurus excels as Cybertrust’s outsourced marketing team

by on August 24, 2011

Cybertrust is the global information security specialist, with 30 offices worldwide reporting into the US headquarters. The Asia Pacific operations service Australia’s top four banks and four of the top five Australian utilities providers, Cybertrust is also a trusted advisor to many Australian Federal Government Departments.

Taurus quickly swung into action as Cybertrust’s professional marketing team when the company was faced with a series of major industry events and no internal team to pull it together. From strategy to execution, the Taurus team got the job done with considerable autonomy, which was essential to Cybertrust’s exceedingly busy General Manager of
Commercial Sales, Jennie McLaughlin.

Taurus swings into action as Cybertrust’s marketing team

When Jennie was promoted from Marketing Manager to General Manager of Commercial Sales, among her remaining marketing commitments was the Gartner IT Security Summit of which Cybertrust was a platinum sponsor. With only weeks to go and no inhouse marketing team to pull the event together, she consulted her industry network.

“Taurus was recommended to me for their IT marketing expertise from one of our managers. After a brief meeting I was confident in their ability to run the entire project. This is a fast-moving, busy environment so I needed marketing professionals who would work autonomously and make the event a success,” recalls Jennie.

Diverse marketing skill set within Taurus ensures successful events for Cybertrust

From the logistics of the exhibition stand and securing a speaker, to creating the collateral to hand to visitors, and organising hotels and travel arrangements for internal staff, Taurus’ hands-on management meant every detail was taken care of to maximise Cybertrust’s impact at the Security Summit.

“Gartner proved an excellent brand-building event for us,” comments Jennie, adding “A real show-stopper was the Telstra speaker we lined up for our speaker slot.”

Taurus went on to manage Cybertrust’s sponsorship of AusCERT and Security in Government events. Jennie recalls, “I simply confirmed the budget with Taurus and handed over to them to mange the logistics. Taurus organised everything, including a custom made booth, the AusCERT VIP dinner and arranged accommodation and registration directly with delegates from around Australia.”

“We get an intelligent and practical approach from Taurus. They drill down to ask the right questions, turn plans into action and they are interested in outcomes. The bottom line is they genuinely care.”

Jennie McLaughlin, General Manager of Commercial Sales, Cybertrust

Event planning, direct marketing and creative converge

Another highlight in the Australian security industry calendar was the visit of leading authority, Brian Sartin, VP Forensic Investigation from Cybertrust’s US headquarters. “The plan was to develop specialist workshops for our key vertical industries, taking Brian to Sydney, Melbourne and the ACT,” explains Jennie.

She continues, “Taurus helped us develop a targeted follow-up campaign following the event, which allowed us to send highly personalised thank you letters to attendees. We signed up a major client as a result of this process,” adds Jennie.

Taurus undertakes vertical industry research for Cybertrust sales

Taurus regularly researches media sources to identify the changing issues, threats and opportunities for Cybertrust in its key market sectors. The findings tend to confirm the company’s assumptions about the market, and some of this intelligence has been handed over to clients as a reinforcement of the work Cybertrust is already doing for them.

How Taurus operates as external marketing department

Jennie comments, “We are a large organisation and there isn’t time to filter everything through one internal contact. Our Taurus Account Manager quickly got to grips with the Cybertrust culture by establishing relationships with the heads of department, product managers, the key sales executives at the events and our external partners.”

“In Taurus we have a whole team at our fingertips, from writing brochures that translate our industry jargon into plain English, to slick creative and events that go off without a hitch. We turn on senior resource like a tap.”

Jennie McLaughlin, General Manager of Commercial Sales, Cybertrust

What Taurus does for Cybertrust:

  • Events
  • Seminars
  • Copywriting
  • Collateral
  • Invitations
  • Direct marketing
  • Industry research

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