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by on September 1, 2011

Armed with the Australian distribution rights for a new B2B Salesforce evaluation tool, Beverley Jones set up Objective Assessment in January 2004. As Managing Director, Beverley has a strong belief in professional marketing as the key to establishing credibility in the corporate market. Beverley found the Taurus team via their website following a search on the Internet.

Within three months of engagement, Taurus Marketing developed Objective Assessment’s brand identity and created the collateral to take the product to market. Taurus then generated awareness via media coverage in Australia’s leading dailies.

Beyond that initial start-up phase, Taurus now operates as the company’s outsourced marketing department, advising on everything from web site improvements to delivering ongoing publicity.

“Without professional marketing you risk looking like an amateur and in today’s business world no one wants to deal with an amateur.”

Beverley Jones, Managing Director, Objective Assessment

The energy of Taurus outclassed other agencies

A highly experienced businesswoman, Beverley explains, “I was juggling two businesses so had little time. I didn’t have the resources to employ an in- house Marketing or PR person but was commited to getting the marketing right from day one. I short listed ten marketing agencies and, with a sense of urgency, picked up the phone. Taurus stood head and shoulders above the rest for their fast response and the sheer energy that came across – so vital in marketing and PR! They asked the right questions, were enthusiastic and their credibility was clear from their diverse client portfolio.”

“Taurus helped me define the business of Objective Assessment and communicate that in a compelling way.”

Beverley Jones, Managing Director, Objective Assessment

An honest working relationship

Beverley comments on the working relationship she’s developedwithTaurus,”Everythingisupfront withno hidden surprises so I know what to expect and they understand what I need. I’m always kept up to date and because there is a close team environment, I have constant access to information and progress.”

Establishing a professional brand

Beverley adds, “The Objective Assessment range of sales management solutions is a high end product aimed at senior management, so a professional image is an important differentiator. Taurus developed collateral, including fact sheets, questionnaires and presentation folder, and managed the entire process from writing to design. We now have a hard-working suite of collateral that looks incredible and all achieved within budget and without expensive print-runs!”

“Marketing and PR are part of my vision for getting the company where I want to be and have been integral to my Business Plan from day one.”

Beverley Jones, Managing Director, Objective Assessment

Taurus work from the customer’s perspective

“Working with Taurus enabled me to clarify what my business is about from a customer’s point of view, what the deliverables are and how to communicate this in a way people easily understand”, explains Beverley.

“Taurus provided copywriting for direct mail and marketing communications and introduced a succinctness and objectivity that is hard to capture when you write your own copy – and you are too close to the business.”

PR expertise delivers top coverage

Beverley continues, “Our target market had never heard of Objective Assessment or our on-line evaluation and hiring tools. To help break the awareness barrier, we needed media exposure.

In my experience, when small companies try to do PR themselves it’s with limited success and takes three times as long! Taurus are PR experts who know the industry, have relationships with the media and know how to get results. They achieved a full feature on Objective Assessment in The Sydney Morning Herald and also achieved exposure in a leading column in The Australian.”

“The responsibility to sell is still yours – Taurus gives you the tools to do it!”

Beverley Jones, Managing Director, Objective Assessment

Maintaining the marketing momentum

Beverley reflects, “I built Marketing and PR into my original vision and plan for Objective Assessment. So this is much more than a ramp up to get started. I’ve seen companies go downhill because they stopped investing in marketing and simply became invisible. Moving forward, we’ll be calling on Taurus to help us launch additional products as we grow, but meanwhile we will maintain the company profile with a steady PR program.”

What Taurus does for Objective assessment:

• Brand building • Corporate sales collateral

• Copy-writing • Direct Mail • Public Relations • Questionnaire • Marketing strategy • Tactical Marketing help • Strategic advice


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