Melbourne Corporate Rentals: a leader in extended stay business accommodation

by on August 30, 2011

Melbourne Corporate Rentals provides business travellers with extended stay accommodation in Melbourne

In a move to increase the number of visitors to its website and understand where its site visitors are coming from, boost email sales enquiries and lift its ranking on major search engines, Melbourne Corporate Rentals partnered with Taurus Marketing.

Since then, Melbourne Corporate Rentals’ website traffic volumes have jumped by 40% and its sales enquiries have increased by 55%.

Taurus puts Melbourne Corporate Rentals on its customer’s online radar

Sofija Simic, Client Services Manager at Melbourne Corporate Rentals, explains, “Internationally, the concept of extended stay corporate rentals has been around for a while, but inAustraliait is relatively new concept. The only alternatives are expensive hotels or serviced apartments.”

“A high proportion of our clients are global companies booking online. We wanted to raise our online profile with Australian corporations while ensuring we were servicing our international clients effectively.”

“As the first thing people see online, our homepage needs to be attractive, simple to use and to direct traffic efficiently,” Sofija says.

What Taurus does for Melbourne Corporate Rentals:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting, tracking and website statistics

A homepage with pulling power

Taurus conducted a design and copy review of Melbourne Corporate Rentals’ homepage, changing the navigation menu and including keywords throughout the text to improve its ranking on major search engines.

“By including search optimising keywords and recommending layout improvements, Taurus ensured our homepage is ‘sticky’. Traffic increased by nearly 40% in four months.”

Sofija Simic, Client Services Manager for Melbourne Corporate Rentals

First page ranking on Google and Yahoo

 Through search engine optimisation, Taurus elevated the link to Melbourne Corporate Rentals to the first page of major search engine sites when relevant keywords are searched. This allows potential Melbourne Corporate Rentals’ customers to find its service quickly and easily.

 To make the website work even harder, Taurus recommended Melbourne Corporate Rentals undertake Google Adword and Yahoo Search Marketing campaigns. This highly measurable form of online marketing involves paying to ensure that a sponsored link to the Melbourne Corporate Rentals’ website appears when related keywords are searched in popular search engines.

“With Taurus’ recommendations, we economically purchased keywords in Google and Yahoo, ensuring maximum online exposure for our business at minimum cost,” Sofija comments.

“Before Taurus, our website was on the second or third page of major search engines. Now it is one of the first listed.”

 Sofija Simic, Client Services Manager for Melbourne Corporate Rentals

Taurus makes results measurable with statistical reporting software

To monitor the effectiveness of its online campaigns, Taurus equipped Melbourne Corporate Rentals with a unique e-reporting tool that allows Melbourne Corporate Rentals to calculate cost per lead.

Sofija explains, “A report is sent to us monthly so we know exact numbers of visitors to our site and how many people viewed our ad-words campaigns. For example, in one month, 70,000 people viewed our Google advert, with 64 email sales enquires generated directly from that campaign.”

“Taurus has increased our search engine ranking so customers and potential customers can find us quickly. This is important in such a small industry.”

Sofija Simic, Client Services Manager for Melbourne Corporate Rentals

Maximum result for minimum effort

 Working with Taurus has maximised Melbourne Corporate Rentals existing online resources to produce great results, as Sofija comments, “There has been no major website overhaul. Our account manager worked to improve our existing site, making strategic recommendations for maximum effect and minimum cost.”

The benefits of Taurus:

  • Secured first page ranking on major search engines like Google
  • Boosted  website visitors by 40%
  • Increased sales enquiries by 55%
  • A ‘sticky’ homepage that directs traffic effectively
  • Unique reporting capabilities for accurate Return on Investment (ROI) analysis

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