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by on September 1, 2011

When Peter Kazacos, founder and Director of Strategy and Innovation, decided to formalise his approach to corporate marketing he personally selected Sharon Williams from Taurus Marketing. It is an alliance that is still going strong and has grown far beyond the original brief.

Since 1995, KAZ, a leader in the Australian IT outsourcing and technology services industry, has achieved phenomenal growth from a turnover of $11 million and 60 employees in 1995 to $320 million and 2500 employees in 2003. Running a dynamic and fast moving enterprise, Peter Kazacos required flexible marketing assistance within budget that would easily anticipate his needs.

“The main benefit I’ve found is that Taurus raised our profile and helped us become recognised as a brand.
With the publicity generated we’ve received recognition in the market-place, improved our image to staff,
customers and suppliers and collected a large number of referrals.”

Peter Kazacos, Founder and Director of Strategy and Innovation, KAZ Group

Peter Kazacos explains, “Taurus has always made it their priority to know and understand our business inside and out. So within a short period, time usually spent briefing an agency or explaining company procedures, has been spent on achieving results. Our close working relationship equals in marketing recommendations that inevitably hit target first time.”

The flexible range of marketing services

Peter Kazacos explains, “Taurus provide us with a whole range of marketing services and we hire in additional, external suppliers when required. Taurus staff are a friendly, bright addition to all our events and our customers are familiar with the team. They are expert at dealing with our business partners and save us time and money because they are quick, efficient and likeable.”

Warm, personal service

Peter Kazacos comments, “We also like the fact that, being a boutique agency, Taurus respond immediately to requests and turn around work very quickly.”

“Working with Taurus has helped us mature our entire PR approach.”

Kevin Ryder, General Manager, Marketing & Communications, KAZ Group

Kevin Ryder, General Manager, Marketing & Commuications, agrees, “Taurus are our right hand when it comes to PR and Marketing Services. With Taurus we have the dedicated services of senior PR professionals with close media relationships. I know that at any time I can call Taurus and get high level strategic PR advice from experts. The team are highly responsive and totally dependable.”

Establishing a relationship with the media

Taurus began to assist KAZ with PR in late 1997 when the two objectives were to raise the company profile and that of Peter Kazacos in preparation for the company’s listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in March 2000. Barely a week passes without Peter Kazacos’ opinion being sought by business journalists as a spokesperson for the IT services and outsourcing industry. KAZ is a name that frequently makes the business pages of top publications.

As Peter Kazacos explains, “In working with the press, Taurus are diligent, honest and straightforward.”

“Taurus work within our budget and projects are always delivered on time and executed to the highest standard. Taurus search for the best value for us by providing full explanations, competitive quotes and different options. Their quick turn around of work and grasp of KAZ’s business means we get great value for money.”

Peter Kazacos, Founder and Director of Strategy and Innovation, KAZ Group

Developing a brand that would stand the test of time

For Peter Kazacos the results of good branding cannot be underestimated. Taurus built a sturdy brand to represent KAZ’s position and market aspirations.

The company brochure and fact sheets developed to launch the new KAZ image were so impressive that, five years later, they have only just been replaced to reflect new acquisitions and company re-branding.

Mentor service to junior marketing staff

In the early days, KAZ found Taurus’ mentoring service to be one of their most valuable offerings. Taurus was engaged to help hire and provide ongoing one-on-one mentoring for the new KAZ marketing graduates.

Peter Kazacos explains, “The mentoring my team received from Taurus was invaluable. Taurus worked alongside the graduates while they gradually took over more responsibility. They learnt to do everything to the highest standards which is reflected in our marketing approach now.”

A strong work ethic Kevin Ryder explains, “We use the Taurus team as a sounding board for our ideas and can call on
the expertise of experienced marketing and PR professionals at any time. The Taurus team has extremely high ethical work standards and they’re always coming up with fresh ideas.”

“At every point of contact and at every level, whether by phone or in person, the Taurus team display the highest standards of professionalism, politeness and customer awareness. We trust them completely and can relax in the knowledge we have a reliable business partner.”

Peter Kazacos, Founder and Director of Strategy and Innovation, KAZ Group

Peter Kazacos concludes, “It is to their credit, that we view Taurus as an extension (or extra group of members) of our marketing team, rather than just an agency.”

What Taurus does for KAZ

  • Public relations
  • Over 30 case studies
  • Copy writing
  • Design of printed materials
  • Event Management
  • Loyalty program
  • Corporate video
  • Direct marketing
  • Strapline and advertising creation
  • Research projects
  • Telemarketing
  • Rebranding
  • Product launches
  • Mentoring of junior marketing staff

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