6 step checklist to acing your next event

by Sharon on June 27, 2018

After a big month of TaurusEvents™ we’ve put together our top 6 tips to acing an event!

  1. Be Super organized

Plan for the worst and have a check list. Don’t forget once you’ve researched and ordered items from suppliers, you have to work out logistics into an event run sheet on the day of who’s arriving when and which suppliers need to come before others.

  1. Vision

Create a collection of images from Pinterest, the internet and magazines so others can see that vision. Then think about what you want your guests to experience, see, feel, eat and drink, what result do you want to get out of the event?

  1. People

Keep your database up to date! With invitees, suppliers and your team, staff members and volunteers who are helping out and attending on the day.

Remember to always over invite as there’s always a drop out on the day. You will need to brief staff and volunteers so that they are on par with how the event should run and how best they can assist you. Don’t forget to build relationships with your suppliers and guests, this will definitely come in handy for the future events.

  1. Venue

Book the venue in advance and shop around. What do they have already that you can utilize, how easy is it to get too? You may know exactly where it is but will your guests find it easily too?

  1. Everyone loves a party bag!

We’ve been conditioned as children to love a goodie bag! It’s also a great way to get people to remember the event and think about it after its happened. Branded merchandise can go a long way!

  1. Marketing Strategy

This is quite the check list but very essential –

Flyers, social media hashtags and tags on branding, email and text reminders, find ways to tap into peoples external networks. Are there promotions you can at the event e.g. lucky door prizes? A silent auction etc. Does the event need some PR  – will media be invited to the event? Have you organised photographers? Events are an easy way to make your brand stand out so utilise that tool!

If you need help planning or running your next event or putting a marketing strategy around it, get in touch with us regarding TaurusEvents™.

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