3 Tips to boost employee recognition and motivation

by Sharon on June 5, 2018

How do you feel when you get acknowledged for your hard work? Obtaining positive feedback on your work has a huge impact on motivation to work even harder!

By simply pausing every now and then to give an acknowledgement to an employee, colleague or friends for hard work can make such a difference to work culture and the atmosphere in the office. It’s important in the workplace not only for making your team feel appreciated but to make them feel wanted and motivated! In fact, acknowledging your team, employees and co-workers is the number one way to maintain staff retention.

Here are 3 #TaurusTips on how you can make your staff feel recognised and rewarded!

  1. Regular catch ups – Take some time to pause and catch up with your team. Have a discussion on how things are going and acknowledge the work you have seen them do!
  2. Don’t be afraid to provide constructive feedback – Giving feedback on someone’s work – notice things people do well and things they can improve on. Take note of their efforts and what they’re working on. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge one’s work whilst also providing constructive advice – in the end you’re helping them by expressing interest in their professional development!
  3. Drop a thank you note – If you notice a team member do something great even if it’s as little as handling certain situations like a stressful day, drop them a little “thank you” note or a “well done” note and let them know how well they’re doing.

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